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New Campaign Aims to Reduce Underage Use and Overconsumption of Alcohol — Redefine campaign reinforces living life to the fullest.

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The Ohio Department of Commerce has recently launched the Redefine Campaign. This campaign de-emphasizes the role of alcohol in compelling and memorable experiences. Please join us to support the Redefine campaign. This campaign is Redefining fun. Redefining coming of age. Redefining living fully. In other words, it is Redefining the belief that an exciting life must involve drinking or drinking to excess.

Why is the Redefine campaign different? The campaign doesn’t focus on the negative effects of alcohol. “Scare tactic” messaging is overused and has been ineffective in changing attitudes and behaviors about irresponsible drinking. Instead, Redefine focuses on the positive aspects of a life that doesn’t revolve around alcohol. For teens, we're taking a positive approach and emphasizing that an exciting life can be lived without alcohol. For adults, we want to convey that responsible alcohol consumption can enhance the enjoyment of life and keeps our communities safer.

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There is something you can do to prevent drinking and driving | Redefine Delivery.

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What’s the point of your sale? Always ID | Redefine Point of Sale.

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An underage sale means endangering someone’s child | Redefine Rite of Passage.

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Human lives are worth more than profit. Protect your community by not over-serving | Redefine Success.

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